About Us

We're a father and daughter team that have lived in the small mountain town of Girdwood our whole lives. We've worked for decades on media productions of all kinds, with all types of environments and budgets.

John Markel has three decades of film production experience. His past roles have included

  • Location Scout, Manager + Producer

  • Technical Advisor

  • Mountain & Water Safety Director

  • Production Photographer

  • Technical Aerial Rigger

Alaska is a wild place, and up here you need someone with proper training and experience to help you make site selections and manage production. John's experience includes

  • 30 years of rock and ice climbing, with major first ascents around the world

  • 25 years of kayaking, with major first descents on class VI rivers

  • High angle and swift water rescue training

  • Hunting & firearms training.

  • Expertise in aerial logistics and operations

John is a member of the Location Managers Guild.

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